Klarus XT-11

The Klarus XT-11 is a medium sized flashlight marketed toward hunters, Law Enforcement and Military users.  It distinguishes itself from the typical EDC style light with its quick interface, battery connection and bezel options that allow the light to be used in different roles, including weapon mounting.

XT-11 Tactical Flashlight

The over all dimensions of the light equal 5.827″ (144 mm) in length with a 1.374″ (35 mm) head, 1.031″ (26 mm) tail and a maximum diameter of 1.378″ at the out bezel edge.  The light weighs 4.66 oz (132 g) without the battery.  The battery(s) will add approximately 1.59 oz (45 g) depending on your choices.

The body is made from aircraft grade aluminum and has been given a warm, dark grey, type III hard anodized coating.  The battery can be changed by either removing the tail or head of the light.  The threads are triangular and turn smoothly.  With an IPX 8 rating, The XT-11 is water resistant for up to two meters.

XT-11 Type III Hard Andodized

For grip there is knurling around the main tube and the tail along with several slots milled along its axis. There is also a contoured ring toward the back of the light making a cigar-style grip comfortable while using the power and Mode buttons.  This can be removed by unscrewing the tail cap and does not effect the assembly.  Felt on the inside of the ring allows it to easily rotate around its slot.

The 304 stainless, crenelated bezel supplied with the light can be removed without any tools.  Klarus makes a red, blue, green and diffusing filter to replace it, along with an “aggressive strike bezel”.  This bezel effectively turns the light into an impact weapon but also alters the beam, casting four shadows into the spill area.

XT-11 With Strike Bezel

The XT-11 has a Cree, XM-L U2 emitter that can be powered by either an 18650 or 2×16340 rechargeable as well as 2xCR123A batteries.  It is configured for a maximum output of 600 Lumens on full (2.2 hours runtime), 150 lumens on medium (7.3 hours runtime) and 10 lumens on low (295 hours runtime).  The light also offers a 600 lumens strobe with an alternating fast/slow frequency.  To save energy when in full, the light drops to 70% power after 3 minutes of continuous use.  The LED lifespan is rated at 50,000 hours.  Rings milled into the base of the head help with heat dissipation acting as a heat sink.

Klarus XT-11 Head

Another feature of the light’s electronics are the battery connectors.  While some lights have a single spring to handle the contact, the XT-11 has one on the head and in the tail.  This helps with shock and will be of particular interest to users who want a weapon mount flashlight as the floating design will help manage recoil.  To add utility on a rifles, Klarus also makes a remote control interface that replaces the standard tail-cap.

Klarus XT-11 Emitter and Reflector

The reflector is fairly deep with an orange peel texture.  The beam is has a good, strong hot spot that transitions into a smooth spill area.  There aren’t any noticeable artifacts and the LED appears well centered. I personally find this beam to be suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, having enough throw and flood.

Klarus XT-11 Interface Grip Ring

To access the modes, the light has a two button interface.  The main power button is a “forward clicky”.  When partly depressed the light has a full power momentary mode.  Once fully clicked on, the light defaults at full.  There isn’t a mode memory so the light always starts at full power.  The secondary Mode button allows the other brightnesses to be accessed.  This button can be either depressed or pushed from any angle making it easy to use.  The Mode button also has a momentary mode when the light is off, activating the strobe function.  Holding the Mode button for a couple of seconds when the light is on also strobes.  One thing to note is that the power button does not allow the light to tail stand.

XT 11 Beam Shots

The light ships with spare O rings, a switch cover, lanyard, snap on clip and a nylon sheath.  The sheath is well made and its elastic sides accommodate all available accessories.

Klarus XT-11 Package

Over-all the XT-11 is a quality made, functional light.  Key features include the 70% energy saving mode, interior contact design to absorb shock and easy to attach, thread-in bezel accessories.  The star of the light is the quick, easy to use interface.  This is very intuitive and allows for effortless mode changes.

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