Kirby Lambert Whar

The Whar is a full custom by Canadian knife designer – maker Kirby Lambert. It is appropriately named after its modified Wharncliffe profile.

Kirby Lambert Whar

The 3.25″ blade is made from Crucible’s CPM 154CM, a powder metallurgy cutlery steel that provides excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance as well as hardness, this being hardened to 60-61 Hrc. CPM 154 CM takes a very keen edge due to its small grain size, a property fully exploited by the deeply cut, hollow grind. Finished with a narrow secondary bevel, the slightly concave edge is proficient and razor like in its acute angle.

Whar Hollow Grind

The cutting edge meets the downward sloping tip at a fine, needle like point. A long swedge adds detail and streamlines the blade for penetrating cuts. It also creates an attractive, geometry on the face of the tip’s grind.

The blade flats and bevels have opposing texture giving the Whar a bi-directional satin finish. All grinds are meticulously executed as to be expected.

irby Lambert Whar

There is a slight thumb ramp that has effective jimping for added control. The relief surfaces have a black oxide finish giving a crisp contrast that shows off the precise machining. Dual thumb-studs are used for deployment. These are set high and far away from the scales. Coupled with teflon washers, deployment is fast, smooth and reliable.

When opened the tang meets a .1″ (2.5 mm) 6AL4V titanium liner lock. This stout lock provides and excellent play free lock-up. There is no stickiness in the lock faces, allowing for smooth disengagement. The mechanism feels extremely well executed and is a pleasure to use. The opposite liner on the knife is also .1″ titanium giving the frame a solid feel and robust appearance.

Liner Lock

The liners are clad in carbon fibre scales with silver-twill G10 bolsters. The materials create a tasteful contrast. Scales, bolsters and liners mate perfectly and the soft matte finish feels good in the hand. Stainless stand-offs finish the open pillar construction. There is a line cut into the center of these that lines up with the blade when the knife is closed. A subtle detail showing off the Whar’s perfect centering.

A right handed, low riding pocket clip is provided for carry while the strong detent provides safety in the knife’s tip up configuration. The clip functions well sliding in and out of the pocket easily. The thumb studs, hardware, clip and liners all have a tactile matte blasted finish, creating a greyish tone that nicely ties in with the bolsters.

Whar Pocket Clip

The Whar is a unique knife that features exceptional function fit and finish. Although there is a focus on meticulously crafted details, the maker hasn’t gotten lost in them : the over-all design is holistic and functional. The materials and colors have been well chosen and are combined in a thoughtful, complimentary and current way. All details personifying the mastery of the knife’s maker.

Lambert Knives WharKirby Lambert JimpingWhar tip grindKirby Lambert Whar Open Pillar ConstructionWhar ClosedKirby Lambert in his shop

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Unique, distinctive design
Excellent color and material choices
Custom fit and finish


Tip may be too fine for some users

Specs :

Total Dimensions and weight :

length open 7.75 in. (197 mm)
length closed 4.5 in. (114 mm)
weight 4.7 oz. (133 g)

Blade :

blade length 3.25 in ( 83 mm)
blade steel CPM 154CM
blade thickness .157″ (4 mm)
cutting edge 3.2 in. (81 mm)

Lock :

Liner Lock

Handle :

6AL4V Titanium Liners 2.5mm
Carbon Fiber Scales
Silver Twill G10 Bolsters

Made in Canada

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