Olamic Cutlery Voykar

The Voykar is a 10.25″ fixed blade from Olamic Cutlery. Olamic is based in the US however the majority of their knives are made in Russia. Their products range from traditional hunting knives to their soon to be, contemporary folders. This particular knife sits somewhere in the middle, made from age old forging techniques mixed with modern handle scale materials and a blade profile similar to WWII combat utility knives.

Olamic Cutlery Voykar

The blade on the Voykar is made from Olamic’s proprietary 350 layer high carbon/vanadium alloyed Damascus. This is created off an O1 tool steel base with the addition of three other metals. Offered in several styles, this features the “Storms of Jupiter” pattern.


Voykar Damascus Detail

The profile is a classic clip point. A mid, shallow hollow grind provides a good thickness to receive the edge bevel while still providing backing blade stock. For ease of penetrating cuts there is also a slight swedge. This time tested geometry will be great for a wide range of utility tasks. A blade thickness of .15″ should provide durability over the 5 5/8″ blade length.


On the blade flats the Voykar has a fuller. Often miscalled a “blood groove” the fuller actually serves to both lighten or balance the blade while strengthening it. The name comes from the Fuller tool. This is a half-cylindrical or parabolic shaped extrusion that slots into an anvil’s Hardy hole (sometimes two sided with a top and bottom fuller). It is generally used in the process of spreading metals but is also employed in blade-smithing, particularly sword-smithing to add rigidity. More often than not, in modern examples a fuller is ground or milled in rather than hammered in and serves primarily as decoration. The final detailing in the blade comes from a unique serial number hand stamped on one side and the Olamic infinity logo on the other.

The handle is build on a sturdy full tang. The ergonomics are simple but very good. A slight dip at each end and a flared pommel add comfort and security. The over-all shape has a nice swell and is without hot spots.

Voykar Pommel

Thick carbon fiber scales add a contemporary touch to the otherwise traditional appearance. The softly contoured shape reveals an attractive wavy pattern where the laminate layers are revealed. This appropriately ties in with the Damascus which is created through a similar layering process. Also matched through their colors, the two materials are perfectly suited despite the blades heritage and the scales high tech roots. Further adding to the mix the carbon fiber is fastened with mosaic pins. There is a large lanyard hole to both assist in pulling the knife out of the sheath or for retention when in use.

Voykar Sheath Retention

For carry the knife comes with a dark brown leather sheath. This is made with a fold over construction that is stitched, glued and riveted on one side. There are two loops on the back for higher or lower belt carry. The upper loop is articulated on a metal ring while the lower is fastened to the back side with two rivets. Olamic’s logo is boldly embossed on the show face. The knife is primarily held in by gravity, but rides very low covering a good amount of the handle. Although the sheath is very nicely made, retention could be better.

Olamic Cutlery Voykar

Overall the Olamic Cutlery Voykar is a beautifully executed knife. The combination of materials is quite eclectic but well suited, tastefully pulling together a wide range of influences and technologies. The result is a unique, sophisticated looking utility blade that could easily sit in a collection or be put to work out in the bush. While Olamic offers an enormous range of natural and synthetic material options their straight carbon fiber/Damascus combination is one of my favorites to date.

Carbon Fibre DetailVoykar Spine DetailThe Voykar SheathVoykar Mosaic PinsVoykar Lanyard HoleDamascus and Carbon Fibre


Length : 10.25″
Weight : 11 0z


5 5/8″
Tool Steel Damascus (O1 Base) 300-350 layers
57-58 HRc


4 5/8″
Full Tang
Carbon Fiber
Mosaic Pins

Made in Russia

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