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Pohl Force Mike One Survival

Published: October 5th, 2013 by The Edge Observer 0

The Mike One is the latest folder from Pohl Force’s “Euro Ops Division”.  It has many similarities to Deitmar Pohl’s first E.O.D. folder, the Foxtrott and fills a gap for a smaller,  easier to carry knife in the line.  Although scaled down, it still embodies the robust feature set and build quality of its larger sister products.  While the design will be familiar to people who have been following the company’s latest offerings, the Mike One uses a different steel and has a relatively classic blade pattern.  Like the Foxtrott, the Mike One also has a fixed blade version called the November One.  As with all E.O.D. knives, the manufacturing is handled by LionSteel in Maniago, Italy.  This version has a black PVD coated blade and the “Survival” designation.  It is also available with a stone-washed finish as the “Outdoor”.

Pohl Force Mike One Survival

The Mike One has a drop point profile.  At .197″ (5 mm) and 3.74″ (95 mm) long the blade is very stout.  A high flat grind has been used in order to produce a keen edge that is finished with a secondary bevel.  There is a long, narrow swedge along the spine for improved penetrating cuts.  The geometry finds a nice balance between strength and efficient cutting, erring on the side of durability.

Mike One Show Scale

The handle of the knife has a closed back construction.  One side is a thick slab of G10 that also makes up the back-spacer.  The other side is titanium and includes the lock. Torx bolts along with two hollow over sized fasteners hold things together.  The large pommel and pivot bolts are hollow allowing for a standard or “D” lanyard.  The heads have a wide slot for easy adjustment with a flat head screwdriver or at-hand items like a coin.

Hollow Fasteners

The steel, Niolox, is unique in that it incorporates nobium.  This element is used in alloys for improved grain refinement and increased ease of harden-ability.  While nobium steels were pioneered in the combined aerospace and refectory industries, they have also found their way into cutlery due to excellent cutting and maintenance properties.  As a stainless, Niolox also offers corrosion resistance.  The heat treat rests at 59 HRC.

Mike One Part Open

Deploying the blade is achieved by a thumb-disc that is recessed into the blade’s spine.  The edges are jimped for a positive purchase and easy one handed opening.  Pohl Force also offers a version of the knife without the thumb-disc for places that legally require the knife to be opened with two hands.  This version is called the Mike Two.

Mike One Thumb Disc

When open the blade is held by an integral titanium frame lock.  As to be expected the lock-up is solid and without play in any direction.  For added security the locking leaf utilizes LionSteel’s proprietary RotoBlock safety.  This consists of a disc that manually turns, cinching down on the lock arm when the knife is open.  It effectively prevents any movement ensuring that the knife cannot fold under heavy use.  When the RotoBlock is disengaged it serves double duty as an over-travel stop.  This guards the lock arm from hyper-extending when unlocking the knife, protecting the spring integrity.  A torx fastener at the center can adjust the resistance required to rotate the safety while three ridges around the circumference help to work the mechanism.  While I generally avoid added safeties on folders, the RotoBlock is an elegant solution to two issues that, because of its adjust-ability is a welcome addition.

Pohl Force Mike One Titanium Frame Lock

The knife’s ergonomic features begin before the hilt with a deep scallop on the spine and corresponding finger-groove.  These provide a forward “choked-up” grip for controlled manipulation of the blade.  Moving on to the handle, there is another thumb groove for a standard position.

Mike One Lock Side

The handle’s inside edge has two distinct scallops separated by a ridge that sits between your middle and index fingers.  They add traction without feeling intrusive.  A dip downward before the blade and at the pommel prevents slipping in either direction.  The handle’s back is curved to comfortable nest agains your palm.  For a reverse grip there is a jimped flat for thumb placement.  Both sides of the handle have a heavy corrugated texture for traction in all-conditions that also add to the knife’s unique appearance.

Mike One Wire Clip

For carry the Mike One has a reversible, tip-up pocket clip.  The tension is good and it doesn’t feel intrusive in use.  Pohl Force also offers two carry accessories : a leather pancake style sheath and a kydex sheath.  Both options hold the knife in the folded position.  The leather sheath has offset belt loops that angle the handle forward for easy drawing while the kydex version uses a Tech-Lok attachment system.

Once again Pohl Force has put out another comprehensive knife with the Mike One.  Producing a smaller, EDC suitable knife with a classic blade pattern and all the modern features is a pragmatic addition to the Euro Ops Division line up.  The tough build, premium materials and exceptional fit and finish should appeal to collectors and users alike.  The quality blade steel and utility driven profile along with the unique yet effective handle will excel at a variety of tasks.  The package is rounded out with several carry methods that will suit most user preferences. This knife would be a solid choice for anyone who is interested in a hard-use yet compact folder for sport, utility or professional use.  The Mike One ships in a well made nylon pouch along with an elastic lanyard.

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Corrugated Texture LionSteel RotoBlock Lock  Foxtrott One and Mike One Comparison Foxtrott One and Mike One Comparison Titanium Frame Lock Detail

Included Pouch


Overall length: 8.66″ (220 mm)
Weight: 5.64 oz (160 g)


Length: 3.74″ (95 mm)
Thickness: .197″ (5 mm)
Steel: Niolox, 59 HRC
Finish: PVD coating, also available in stone wash


Length 4.92″ (125mm)
G-10 (show side and back-spacer) and 6Al4V titanium (lock side)
Frame Lock with RotoBlock safety
Stainless tip up reversible pocket clip

Lanyard and nylon pouch included

Made in Maniago, Italy

Pohl Force Foxtrott One

Published: September 14th, 2012 by The Edge Observer 18

The Foxtrott One is the second knife from Pohl Force’s “Euro Ops Division” or E.O.D. line. These knives are designed by Dietmar Pohl who also personally oversees their manufacture. Made to very exacting standards by LionSteel, in Maniago Italy, they have excellent fit, finish and attention to detail. This knife is the sister product to the Kilo One fixed blade and shares many similarities.

Pohl Force EOD Foxtrott One

The blade profile is labelled a modified santoku, but it could also be easily classified as a sheep’s-foot. At 4.4″ long and 1.38″ at its widest, the blade is quite large. Made from D2 and hardened to 59 HRC, it offers excellent toughness and edge retention. The primary bevel is a high flat grind. This reduces the 0.197″ blade stock down to a good thickness to receive its fine secondary grind. The slight belly of the cutting edge improves slicing and will also be easy to maintain. The tip has the distinctive downward slope of this profile. While many sheep’s-foot blades are designed to avoid penetrating cuts, the Foxtrott One is still capable. This is due to the slightly elongated nose meeting the slight belly at the tip. A swedge also helps in this regard as well as adding a nice detail grind.

Foxtrott One Open Frame Lock

Following the swedge there is a large thumb grove on the aft of the spine. This also houses the thumb plate that is used for opening. Opposite there is a large choil. The combination of these two features allow the user to easily choke up on the blade. The width of the thumb plate also adds additional comfort and safe use. Following the thumb groove there is a jimped thumb ramp.

The blade has been perfectly ground and has Pohl Force, the EOD logo, steel type and a unique serial number with date of manufacture etched on the blade.

Foxtrott One G10 Scale

The Handle of the knife is a largely closed-back construction. Both sides have a heavily corrugated texture that provides excellent grip and a unique appearance. The black G10 side of the handle forms one scale and the spine, in a single piece. Incorporating the spine and scale without a liner saves considerable weight while adding strength. The opposite is made from titanium and includes the frame-lock. The lock-up is solid in all directions. For added security the lock features LionSteel’s proprietary RotoBlock. This is essentially a nut that cinches down on the locking leaf completely immobilizing it. Although safeties aren’t for everyone, the Rotoblock works very well and can have its tension adjusted with the center bolt. It also serves to protect over-extension of the lock arm when releasing it. As with most titanium frame locks there is a slight amount of stickiness on the lock faces, due to the difference in hardness between the hardened blade steel and titanium.

Foxtrott One Ti Frame Lock

The shoulder of the handle serves to complete the profile of the choil and thumb ramp. This adds a great amount of room for a forward or back grip and two thumb positions with the choil depending on preference. The thumb ramp also nicely compliments the handles large first finger groove. Following along the inner edge, there are two scallops that lock the hand in place. For a reverse grip there is a run of jimping along the spine, before the pommel. The slightly downward angle on the last third of the handle comfortable sits in the palm or under your thumb.

The overall ergonomics are well though and offer several positions. As with most handles with a lot of contouring, it may not feel comfortable for everyone, however, I find the grip excellent.

Foxtrott One Ergonomics

The two main fasteners in the handle are the pivot and clip bolt. Both of these use Pohl Force’s heavy duty, hollow T-bolt and spanner nut hardware. This unique solution acts as a the pivot on one end and clip holder on the other. Because the bolts are hollow the rear can be used as a lanyard hole, or both together to accommodate a D-lanyard.

Foxtrott One Kydex Sheath Option

For carry Pohl Force offers several carry options. The knife comes standard with a reversible, tip up wire clip. The clip has good tension and slides in and out of pockets/pouches easily. Two sheaths can be had for the knife when the blade is stowed. One is nylon with a flap and belt loop and the other a form-fit pancake style leather sheath. There is also a kydex option for when the blade is open and locked. This is a great, especially if you want to quickly store your knife after the Rotoblock is engaged.

Foxtrott One Nylon SheathFoxtrott One Tool Free Rotating Mount

All in, the Foxtrott one is a complete package. Great ergonomics, a useful tough blade geometry along with multiple carry options separate this as a serious tool. The thoughtful design has been expertly rendered by LionSteel giving justice to Dietmar Pohl’s experienced design. This knife would be well suited for professional applications or outdoors where this large folder can be openly carried. It would also be a great addition to any collection due to its unique design and exceptional fit and finish. The Foxtrott One Outdoor (stone wash) also comes in a Black PVD blade version, The Foxtrott One Survival.

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Pohl Force Foxtrott One DetailG10 corrugated textureFoxtrott One Tumbled FinishFoxtrott One Hardware DetailFoxtrott One G10 Scale Detail

For additional information on the Foxtrott One and available accessories, visit


Great Ergonomics
Exceptional Fit and Finish
Useful Accessory options
Light for its size


Large (could be a pro too)


Over All Length: 10.24″ (26cm)
Weight: 7.76oz (220g)


Length: 4.41″ (11.2cm)
Thickness: 0.197″ (5mm)
D2 Stainless Steel HRC 59
Stone Wash Finish

Titanium Frame Lock
RotoBlock Safety


G10 scale and spine (one piece)
Titanium Scale
Length: 5.827″ (148cm)
Clip: Tip up Wire Clip, Reversible
Layard hole

Made in the Italy

Pohl Force Kilo One

Published: August 23rd, 2012 by The Edge Observer 14

The Kilo One Outdoor is the first knife from Pohl Force’s E.O.D. line. E.O.D. stands for Euro Ops Division and denotes that they are made in Europe (LionSteel, Maniago, Italy) to stringent standards. Quality is overseen personally by author, knife designer and CEO, Dietmar Pohl. This knife is the sister product to the Foxtrott One folder and shares many similarities.

The Pohl Force EOD Kilo One

The knife has a large modified Santoku blade. It could also be considered a modified Sheep’s-foot. Made from D2, it is very stocky measuring 1.5″ at its widest, 4.567″ in length and .197″ thick (38mm max width x 116mm length x 5mm thick). In order to achieve a practical working edge the blade has a high flat primary bevel, finished with a keen secondary bevel. Hardened to 59 Hrc this proven tool steel will offer lasting performance due to its balance of toughness and edge retention.

Pohl Force Kilo One Santoku Blade

The tip slopes downward to meet the point allowing for controlled cuts. This radius is slightly elongated in order to still allow for penetrating cuts, a function that is further augmented by an ample swedge. Following the swedge, there is a thumb-groove along the spine that is complimented by a choil large enough to allow the user to choke up on the blade. Finished with a light stone wash, the surfaces have a perfect cosmetic appearance. For people who are looking for increased corrosion resistance or a more tactical look and feel, the Kilo One (“Survival” model) is also available in a matte black P.V.D. finish (Physical Vapour Deposition, probably TiNi). Pohl Force’s logo, the steel type, date of manufacture and serial number appear on the blade.

The Kilo One's Detailed Surface Etching

The handle is a full tang construction. The outer edges extend past the scales and are rounded for comfort. With its center-line set slightly higher than the blade, the shoulder creates an effective front guard. Opposite, another thumb groove (after the one in the blade spine) with deep jimping provides control and confident operation. The inner-handle edge has two distinct finger cut outs, while the spine has an arcing shape that feels natural in the hand. There is also jimping for the thumb when in reverse grip.

Corrugated G10 Scales

The scales on the knife are thick corrugated black G10. The larger, alternating ridges provide a secure grip that is augmented by a finer surface texture. These are held on by Pohl Force’s heavy duty hardware. Large slots in the fasteners allow for easy adjustment if necessary, with simple tools – including a coin. The pommel on the handle extends past the scales for use as an impact tool or weapon. It also houses the lanyard hole. A thick elastic cord is included.

Kilo One Leather Sheath

For carry the knife ships with a flat (pancake) black leather sheath. These are also made in Italy and are custom molded to the blade and scales. The fit is very tight and requires a bit of breaking in, but the resulting retention will be appreciated. The sheaths slender profile allows for a comfortable and reasonably discreet carry, considering the knife’s large size. In addition to the leather sheath, there is a Kydex option that has a belt mount with a tool-free, 90º rotation for cross drawing. Pohl force offers MOLLE compatible mounts and a variety of rigging for concealed or open carry in multiple positions.

Kilo One Kydex Sheath

All in, The Kilo One is an outstanding knife. Billed as an outdoor/survival blade, it will undoubtedly perform utility tasks with ease, along with more aggressive uses such as chopping. A full tang, easy to adjust hardware, versatile robust blade geometry and outstanding ergonomics sets this apart as a reliable, functional tool. A great sheath along with several other options, should appeal to professionals.

The Kilo One ships in a very nice embroidered, pocketed nylon pouch and comes with a certificate of authenticity, Tuff Cloth and rubber 3D, EOD morale patch.

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Detail of the Stone Washed Blade TexturePohl Force's HardwareThe Euro Ops Division LogoThe Kilo One And Nylon PouchThe Kilo One In Its Nylon PouchKilo One PVD Coating

For more information, or to purchase the Kilo One, visit the Pohl Force shop.


Great, tough blade
Solid ergonomics
Excellent design, fit and finish
Carry options to fit personal preferences


May put other knives in your collection to shame


Total length : 9.75″ (248mm)
Total Weight : 9.17 Oz (260g) and 12.2 Oz (346g) with leather sheath.


length : 4.567″ (116mm)
thickness : .197″ (5mm)
Steel : D2, 59 Hrc
Stone-wash or PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition)


Full Tang
G10 scales
Lanyard Hole


Ships with Leather, Kydex option available.

Made in Germany