Sniper Bladeworks DH (Dark Hollow) Titanium

The DH is a full size folding knife with a noticeably fat profile. The Blade is extremely wide, has a large deep choil and long steep, partially jimped thumb ramp that allows for above average purchase at the blade’s tang. The blade itself is .218″ thick (a little over 3/16″ or 5.5mm) and has a shallow hollow grind. As a stout wide modified sheepsfoot (a true sheepsfoot wouldn’t have a belly) this knife would lend itself as a good utility blade but its size, weight and forward stance will also add chopping to its repertoire. It wouldn’t be considered a great thrust cutter but Sniper Bladeworks makes the LPH if you are looking for something with a more pointed geometry.

Sniper Bladeworks DH Custom

One of the most interesting features of any of Abernathy’s designs is the signature Sniper Bladeworks handle. It is easily distinguishable in contrast to many other companies offerings and has been carefully crafted to provide good ergonomics in multiple positions. As mentioned earlier, holding this knife at the tang is very comfortable. A slight curve downward keeps the handle secure in this position. The thumb ramp is also usable when the blade is choked up on and when you hold the handle further back. The DH is equally capable in reverse grip but an ice-pick grip isn’t practical because of the forward lean of the knife toward the cutting edge. This shouldn’t be an issue however, as a blade that leans away from you tends to transfer more energy into the cut, hence the popularity of blade geometry inspired by knives such as the kukri. A more than adequate trade off.

Sniper Bladeworks Titanium Handle

The handle is constructed using two .118″ (3mm) slabs of titanium with a G10 back spacer and the blade is held in place with an integral frame lock. When opening the knife slowly the lock doesn’t seem to engage much of the tang but a light flick of the wrist while opening resolves this. As with all titanium frame locks it can be a bit sticky so it is helpful that the pocket clip acts as a stand in “Hinderer”. This minimizes over extending the locking leaf when disengaging which will inevitably cause a sloppy lock-up.

When closed the DH takes up quite a bit of pocket space. It is a little over two inches in width and 5 inches long. If you are looking for an EDC knife that isn’t very noticeable in pocket you might want to pick up something a little smaller such as the mini-DH. It is the smaller lighter version of the DH and is a great cutting tool in its own right.

Dark Hollow Folder by Sniper Bladeworks

For those of us who are looking for a tough multi-use blade for slicing and some light chopping duties then the DH may just be your perfect carry. Over all, the stand-out design and great ergonomics of the DH should make it an easy choice for anyone who has the cash to drop on a premium folder. The use of quality materials and great fit and finish should have your investment working for you well into the future.

The DH in this review is one of four custom DH folders made by Sniper Bladeworks for JB Tactical in Calgary Canada and feature laser engraved sniper reticles on the titanium handle.

Sniper Bladeworks Dark HollowTitanium Integral FramelockSniper Bladeworks DH blade centeringSniper Bladeworks Custom Laser EngravingSniper Bladeworks in hand


Heavy Duty
Ergonomic Handle
Great Materials
Only 4


Large Footprint when folded

Specs :

Total Dimensions and weight :

length open 8.5″ (21.59cm)
length closed 5″ (12.7cm)
weight 9 oz (255 g)

Blade :

blade length 3.5″ (8.89cm)
blade steel CPM 154-CM
blade thickness .218″ (5.5mm)
cutting edge 3″ (7.62cm)
Opens with reversible thumb-stud

Lock :

Integral frame lock

Handle :

Titanium .118″ thick (3mm)
Laser Engraved Sniper Reticles

Made in the USA

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