CRKT Kangee and Chogan Tomahawks

The Kangee and Chogan mark CRKT’s entry into the tactical tomahawk market.  To design this product they teamed up with Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical.  Johnson is well known for both his historical and modern tomahawk designs which are sought after by collectors and military personnel alike.  Although carrying similarities to RMJ hawks, these two models are unique to the CRKT line.

CRKT RMJ Tactical Tomahawks

Both T-Hawks are built around a tough .23″ full tang.  This is clad in a pair of glass reinforced nylon scales that are fastened with standard phillips head bolts for easy maintenance.  A heavy relief has been machined into the mold faces resulting in an aggressive texture.  The scales have a good amount of volume that fills the hand nicely.  Unlike the majority of traditional tomahawk designs they have a contoured profile rather than a straight one.  An over-all arc on the back edge nests in the palm while the inner edge has three distinct scallops that add security along the handles length.  This gives the user some added grip along with feedback on hand placement.  The hawks can be comfortably manipulated choked up under the head for finer tasks or at the back for chopping leverage and reach.  At equal intervals there are two holes drilled through handle as well as three holes in the knob (handle’s end) that provide lashing and lanyard options.  The exposed tang is also suitable as an impact tool.  Overall the grip is secure and comfortable and the EDM (Electical Discharge Machining) texture on the scales does a good job of adding traction to the otherwise slick scale material.

Glass Filled Nylon TextureTomahawk "Knob"

The difference between the models comes at the heads.  The Kangee seems to be much more of a purpose built design with its cutting edge traveling from beneath the heel and all the way to the tip of the poll-spike, including the entire top side. This unique grind makes the Kangee capable of cutting strikes from multiple angles.  The spike on the end has a tanto-like grind and swedge that will easily pass through tough materials with little effort.

T-Hawk Head Profiles

The Chogan has a similar under-heel grind but has a partially sharpened top edge that terminates at the start of the primary bevel.  The poll on this hawk is flat providing a versatile hammer-like function.  Each heel grind and the Chogan’s top grind have swedges that provide a sharp corner that aids in a back-cut.  When pulling the head of the hawks out of thinner materials after a strike, the heel edge geometry has a can-opener like effect.  Both main blades have a flat grind, the Chogans being slightly shallower than the Kangee’s.  Made from SK5 carbon steel and hardened between 54-55 Rockwell, the blades will be tough and easy to maintain in the field.  A coarse black powder coat adds a dense corrosion resistant barrier and low-glare matte finish.

CRKT RMJ Tactical T-Hawks

For carry the hawks come with a well made Kydex scabbard.  These have a great bottom-eject design that allows quick drawing in a natural, ready to go position.  Retention is excellent without being excessive.  Easily stowed and with a positive click, there is a nylon strap and buckle for security.  At the top of the sheath there are multiple slots that correspond with the MOLLE platform for standardized attachment options.  The kydex has been assembled with eyelets that also offer other lashing possibilities.

T-Hawks In Kydex Sheath

CRKT couldn’t have partnered with a more experienced, tasteful designer for these versatile tools.  At an MSRP of 185.00 US (street price around 140 US)  they are currently one of the most affordable full tang hawks.  Aside from the competitive pricing, a generous amount of materials give these an excellent value for your money spent.  With the sum of these parts, the CRKT Kangee and Chogan tomahawks will likely find their way into many professionals kits as well as in the collections of fans of these time tested tools.

T-Hawks Flat GrindKangee Poll SpikeT-Hawk Kydex SheathChogan HammerT-Hawks MOLLE Slots



Overall Length 14 inches
Weight 1 lb. 8.6 ounces


Length 2.93 inches
Thickness 0.23 inches
Material SK5 Carbon Steel
HRC 54-55
Finish Black Powder Coat
Grind Flat


Overall Length 13.75 inches
Weight 1 lb. 8.4 ounces


Length 2.93 inches
Thickness 0.23 inches
Material SK5 Carbon Steel
HRC 54-55
Finish Black Powder Coat
Grind Flat


Full Tang
Material Glass Filled Nylon
EDM Finish


MOLLE Compatible Black Kydex
Weight 3.6 ounces

Made in Taiwan

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