Fantoni Hide Folder

The Fantoni Hide Folder is a collaboration with designer Tommaso Rumici and is a version of the Hide Fixed blade. Designed as a compact, concealable knife it has several features that lend itself well as a back-up tool. Although this is its advertised use, the materials, careful finishing and stylish aesthetic would also make it at home as a gentleman’s folder or EDC utility knife.

Fantoni Hide Folder

The blade on the HIDE is made from Crucible Steel’s CPM S30V. This is a powder metallurgy steel that is high in Chromium, Vanadium and Molybdenum. The alloyed materials provide both great edge retention and corrosion resistance.

Fantoni Hide Folder Show Side

At 2.95″ the drop point blade is small but effective. A high, deep hollow grind provides excellent slicing geometry. This is finished with a keen secondary bevel that produces an aggressive edge. The spine has a long swedge that terminates just before the handle, streamlining for penetrating cuts. There is a run of thumb jimping that starts on the tang and continues to the spine of the hilt for feedback and traction. Given a box-like pattern it is very grippy. Two thumb studs allow for reliable deployment with their tiered, conical shape. A light stone-wash finish gives the Hide a contemporary appearance. The blade is tastefully etched with the Fantoni word mark and logo on one side while Rumici’s credit and the steel type appears on the other.

Fantoni Hide Folder Part Open

When open the tang is held firm with a back lock. The lock-up is very strong and without play in any direction. The ridgid spring makes accidental disengagement very unlikely. It also supplies a safe tip-up carry. It should be noted this isn’t a knife that can be flicked open as easily as a liner or frame lock. Although possible it requires both a decisive deployment and closing. Regardless the lock is well designed and a pleasure to use.

Fantoni Hide S30V Blade

The ergonomics are well suited to the modest 3.95″ handle. Two scallops on the inner-edge lock the hand in place. The forward finger groove sweeps below the rest of the grip creating an effective finger guard while the pommel also flares preventing slipping back. The spine is flat with a clipped angle above the lanyard hole nesting the knife comfortably against your palm.

Fantoni Hide Micarta Scales

The scales are a green-brown micarta. In natural light these look more green but appear more brown in artificial light. Micarta is an excellent scale material in that it works well wet or dry. Many people find that as the exposed fabric weave in outer layer absorbs some moisture, it grips better. Micarta’s ability to absorb, also makes it darken with use and susceptible to staining. The scales are thin and have cut-outs around the jimping and lanyard hole. This creates an interplay between the matte scales and glossy 304 stainless liners adding a very nice detail. Similar contrast can be found between the Hides combination of flowing organic lines and hard angles.

All of the handle’s surfaces have been well resolved. Even the inner faces boast a polished finish. My only issue with the handle construction is that the two scale fasteners protrude into the blade cavity too much. A small detail but it would be nicer if these were flush.

Fantoni Hide Folder

For carry the knife has a low riding pocket clip keeping the knife out of sight. Made from 420 stainless, the tension is just right functioning perfectly. Given a stone-wash finish and a subtly tapered rectangular shape it ties in with the rest of the design nicely. Since the clip is reversible the knife, with its dual thumb studs and back lock, is fully ambidextrous.

Fantoni Hide Clip Attachment

Over-all the Hide is a very well made, feature rich folder. The premium materials, low ride clip, strong lock and great fit and finish should appeal to collectors as well as users looking for a quality, light weight, concealable edc or back-up knife. Aside from being functional, the mix of different line qualities and textures combine to produce a refreshing, original design.

For more information on Fantoni Knives visit
Fantoni Knives are available through Knife Art and You Want It 2

For more information on Tommaso Rumici’s current projects visit the Zato Design Facebook Page

Screws showing on inner linersThumb studsBack Lock DetailFantoni Hide Folder Lanyard HoleBox Jimping DetailMicarta Scales Detail


Overall Length: 6.89″ (175 mm)
Weight : 4.13 oz (117 g)


Length: 2.95″ (75 mm)
Thickness: .125″ (3.20 mm)
Steel: CPM-S30V, 61-62 Rockwell
Finish: stonewash


304 Stainless liners
Green-brown textured Micarta
Thickness: .433″ (11 mm)
Reversible low riding clip in 420 Stainless


Back Lock

Made in Italy

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14 thoughts on “Fantoni Hide Folder

  1. You now I love to find faults in knives, mostly because there is always something that could have been done better. I can not find one in this knife, it really ticks each and every one of the boxes. They’ve even made the tang look pretty when closed, such a common miss among lockbacks.

    Great knife, great review.

  2. I am sooooo close to buying one of these. I have a feeling that one of these will be in my stable very, very soon. Thank you for the review.


    1. Another solid choice. I hear that the new models will be flat ground and not hollow though. Personally, I love a nice hollow grind…

  3. Thanks for the review. I’ve had mine about a week and its already my favorite. It’s a tank in the hand but disappears in the pocket. Love the loud snap it makes when the lock engages. Also, it’s absolutely Fantastic looking! Like nothing else I own. Thanks a lot for reviewing it as I’d have never heard of it without your review. Thinking hard about a Quiete but I’m not sure I can take a 2 handed opener. Amy experience with Bastinelli? I’m liking the BBR2. Who knew (besides you) that the Itailians made such awesome knives. Thanks for the great reviews!

    1. One of my favorite EDC knives! Great to hear you like yours as well. The Quiete is awesome too. It’s been in my pocket since I got it. I’d say you should get one!

  4. Hard to find indeed it is…
    And quite expensive it is…
    Looking to buy one was I…
    And successful was I…
    But fast you have to be…may the Force be with you’s :)

    Seems that Fantoni started a production run with new scales, G10 Orange/Black and black Carbon Fiber.
    Black G10 I thought is rather common and the Carbon Fiber too expensive, another 69 euros to the already…231.
    So I got the Orange one, a funky looking and cool little knife .

    Mine is numbered 11/25, probably 11th from the first production run of 25. It was the only one available in this color.

    Orange scales and a small size should probably make it easily acceptable by the audience without having the audience standing in apnea looking for escape routes through the nearest door and windows…

    Small and orange, you can hide in plain sight, not only in the pocket, what harm could possibly do a cute little orange folder…

    It’s definitely a tactical design, a wolf in sheep clothing. Price is high but the design is very nice and the fit and finish is excellent.

    Great review, as usual, this review brought the Hide to my attention.

  5. I got a black G10, 22/25 from first production run. I’m not sure I’m going to keep it yet, was really hopeful after this review. Not sure if quality has fallen off but here is what I’ve found on mine:
    The thumb stud is too far back to get a smooth one motion open unless your grip is perfect, which when pulling from your pocket is unlikely
    The blade to lock interface should be more polished to make opening easier, mine is VERY stiff
    There are machining marks left on the polished SS liner edges
    There are several small corners that are quite sharp, deliberately so, but they should have been rounded in a tactical knife imho
    The jimping is also quite sharp, and can scratch your hand as you move past the knife to get something out of your pocket
    The blade shape is really nice and the handle is surpisingly comfortable when open, and I really like the concept of this knife so I may keep it. But if I do it will have to be smoothed and polished in a few areas.
    The blade finish quality is very good, almost as good as my William Henry, but the quality on the rest is below a good Benchmade blue or ZT. It falls short of my Fantoni HB-03 (which has a simmilar thumb stud, but not as pointy and much better located). Wish they were still making the HB-02

    1. Hey Karl, that’s too bad. I really liked my Hide quite a bit. The spring is very strong on it. I don’t think that has to do with the lock face, it just has a lot of tension. As far as fit and finish, I can’t really comment on yours. If I remember correctly the edges of the SS did have some tooling marks still but I don’t have the knife any more :/ I’d love to replace mine so let me know if you let go of yours, maybe a trade?

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