Spyderco Para-Military 2 review model : C81CMOBK

Spyderco Para-Military 2

The spyderco paramilitary 2 is currently my favourite EDC.  The particular model that I have is the digi-camo handle with a black plain edge blade, no : C81CMOBK.  With several small but substantial improvements over the original paramilitary, this knife is well suited for people who like the Spyderco military but find its rather politically incorrect size a deal-breaker as a candidate for EDC as well as for general tactical knife enthusiasts.

The knife utilizes a “compression” style lock that is located on the spine of the handle. The compression lock is patented by Spyderco and works by wedging a metal bar (similar to a liner lock) in-between a slot cut in the blade tang and against the stop pin.  The resulting lockup is solid and will only fail if the stop pin comes loose from the liner or the “compression insert” is crushed.  Both are very unlikely even under heavy usage.

The fully flat ground S30V modified drop point blade has a proprietary BodyCote finish with a large 14mm hole which allows for quick and easy blade deployment even with gloved hands.  The large thumb ramp and adequate finger choil have small but aggressive jimping that allows for confident, safe and effortless blade control.

Additional details include skeletonized liners on both sides (this is necessary to reinforce the stop pin for the compression lock), a large lanyard hole and ambidextrous tip up or tip down carry positions for the pocket clip.  Personally, I have removed the pocket clip on this knife as I find its position uncomfortable while cutting.

This knife came razor sharp.  It has been receiving use almost daily and shows no signs of edge wear, dulling or marking of the blade coating.Para-Military 2 closed

Over all the fit and finish on this knife is quite good for the price.  I would like to see nicer finishing on the pocket clip holes and around the edges of the metal and a matte black clip rather than a shiny one.  Over all these are small details which may only concern discriminate collectors and not users who will likely mar the knife considerably over time.


  • Great Lock
  • Good ergonomics
  • Excellent blade and handle material
  • Reasonable price


  • Shiny pocket clip isn’t very tactical
  • Pocket clip doesn’t conceal knife in pocket
  • Cosmetic finishing could be improved

Specs :

Total dimensions and weight :

length open 8 9/32 in. (210 mm)
length closed 4 13/16 in. (122 mm)
weight 3.75 oz. (106 g)

Blade :

blade length 3 7/16 in. (87 mm)
blade steel CPM-S30V
blade thickness 9/64 in. (3.5 mm)
cutting edge 3 5/64 in. (78 mm)
hole diameter 9/16 in. (14 mm)

Lock :

Spyderco Compression

Handle :

Skeletonized stainless
G-10 scales – Digi-camo

made in Golden Colorado

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7 thoughts on “Spyderco Para-Military 2 review model : C81CMOBK

  1. Something rarely mentioned in reviews is blade length to handle length ratio. This example has a handle nearly on and one half inches larger than the blade. I wish there was a way Spyderco could address this “issue” as they make very fine knives.

    1. I personally don’t mind that the handle is longer. In fact, I usually prefer the extra leverage it provides and is one of the reasons the Para-2 is a go to knife for me. I know some people fuss over blade to handle ratio but it isn’t something that’s a deal-breaker for me.

    2. I agree, this is a huge knife in your pocket, and you don’t get much blade for all that bulk. And to my mind the feel in the hand is the worst for all Spydercos I have–for me it ruins the knife. It isn’t too heavy, and the action is very slick, and I love the S110V steel; but it’s just too big and awkward.

  2. Not a huge Spyderco fan, but I really like my PM2. Awesome knife! Painted clips get scratched up so fast it’s pointless in my opinion. In fact I usually strip mine if they are painted. I would caution anyone buying a PM2 to do so only from a trusted retailer. The market is flooded with Chinese counterfeits.

  3. I have a similar pm2 except my blade is satin finish. I quite like the handle size and find it fits my hand comfortably. In fact i find the spyderco oversized handles so comfortable I have recently acquired a couple of Endura4’s as well. My only criticism is that the pocket clips ride too high and I have just ordered 3 titanium clips from Casey Lynch.

  4. I too have this knife with the satin blade. I think it is one of the best thought-out knives in the medium size folder category. There is little to complain about and I finally settled on this one because of the way the handle filled and fit my hand and the “just right” texture of the G-10. It’s almost too nice to carry; I don’t want to scratch, damage or lose it. I may just give up and get a Temprance for those tough, larger blade chores.

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